•Suitable for different industry products grabing, meet various specifications.

•Flexible selection of standard or customized gripper, suction of dfferent sizes can be freely combined and used.

•Optional self- closing valve technology can solve workpieces with large vacuum leakage, uneven surface, different sizes and geometric shapes.

•Vacuum source uses a built- in plug-in vacuum generator, lower air consumption, greater vacuum f1ow, shorter vacuum build-up time.

•Integrated plug-in vacuum generating device, which can be individually configured and quickly disassembled according to changing working conditions.

•Modular design for easy maintenance.

•The interface is reserved, functionalcomponents can be directly added to the gripper, optimize the process, environmental protection and energy saving.

•The material is aluminum aly, engineering plastic and carbon fiber composite material, which is high strength and light weight.

• Easy to nstall, with T-type removable mounting slider, available for fixing grippers as well as for mounting or mounting sensors.

•Rubber gasket accessory for quick replacement.

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Order Example:  EGP vacuum gripper,gripper width 1 30mm, gripper length 1234mm, self-closing valve, three rows oval hole, gasket thickness 20mm, built-in vacuum generator.EPR code is: EGP130-1234V- -3F20-A

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