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Industry Application

In the transition to industrial IOT,compared with other industries, the auto industry is deemed to be more complex. Intelligent components are necessary for in-time production, complex value chains, and networked manufacturing. Suitable gripping technology and flexible integrated solutions for pneumatic, electric or gas-electric hybrids,ensure energy saving and safety.

Technology Innovation

E·MC's specialist have the knowledge and ability to understand the requirements of the manufacturing process, understand strick requirements, understanding of your production process and enterprise  demand.                                                                                                                  

We know that the important issue is to dispose of the battery quickly and safely, It requires a uniform settling layer and seamless handling, constant temperature control, high vacuum and other unique technical requirements.

Cost Saving and Productivity Improvement

E·MC is committed to providing increasingly complete solutions for hybrid electric vehicles, electric vehicles, and key core rechargeable batteries. As a qualified supplier of transmission solutions,For ternary lithium batteries, lithium iron phosphate batteries, and other novel energy storage technologies, E.MC is aware of the specifications of manufacturing process.                                                                             

From material production to battery cell manufacturing, from cell packaging to Pack engineering, We can offer you support for different type of products, including with limited material, like copper and zinc, high-speed, inexpensive electric products, environments resistant to heat, dust, and electrolyte, and precision assembled products.Our aim is to deliver high-quality, low-maintenance, and affordable products to you!

Intelligent manufacturing

E·MC experts well know the exacting requirements that need to be met and have an extensive understanding of your production process and business needs.

E·MC has fully invested its cutting-edge pneumatic and electric control technologies and innovative solutions in cooperation with loacal automobile companies. E.MC experts also know well that the health and safety of operators must be ensured to the greatest extent. They also know that at a time when energy and costs are increasing at a worrying rate, even small savings can have a real impact on a company's finances.

Global Branding

To support customers’ technological innovation, E·MC provides


1. Relatively complete products and solutions including mechanical pneumatics, precision pneumatics, vacuum components, high-frequency technology, fluid control, electrical and pneumatics, etc.;


2. With the research and development direction of high frequency, green, integration and intelligence, we will continue to expand product lines for the five major industries including 3C, expand aerodynamic boundaries, create more efficient components and optimization solutions, and support the technology of 3C automation customers Intelligent upgrade;


3. Reconstruct the supply chain ecosystem in the 3C automation field through material number replacement, specification merging, gas path optimization, technology upgrades, and deep integration of upstream and downstream supply chains, and provide strategic customers with pneumatic optimization based on management efficiency improvement and sustainable technological innovation plan.

Solution Optimization

E·MC experts know well the stringent requirements that need to be met and have an extensive understanding of your production processes and business needs.

For example: the equipments must be in high-speed and uninterrupted operation during a week, and  production process also requires cleanliness and high temperature resistance.

E·MC experts know that the health and safety of operators must be ensured to the greatest extent. They also know well that when energy and costs continue to increase at a worrying rate, no matter how small the savings are, they can have a real impact on the company's finances.

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